The best way to collect and showcase verified reviews for your Webflow agency.

Show potential buyers that your Webflow agency can be trusted with reviews verified by our third-party, open platform.
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"I like having the ability to collect reviews in a professional way."
Diego Diaz
“Many gives me another asset I can leverage as a sales tool.”
Dexter Jr
Crafted Studios
“Thanks to our friends over at Many for the awesome review experience!”
RR Abrot

Many simplifies how you get reviews from clients.


Create a review invitation for your client.

Describe the project and tell us who you did the work for. This lets us create a more personal experience to show your clients this isn't some mass email campaign.


Your client gets a personalized form in their email.

Your clients will get a simple, 9 question survey with your logo and name. A rep from Many will support your client and offer multiple ways to get the review done.

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You receive your review.

Once your client has submitted a review, it will be shown on your public profile and your dashboard. Any website badges will keep up to date with the latest review data.

"It's standardized and you get very genuine feedback."

Show buyers they're in good hands.

Review Verification

Through our review verification system, we are able to make sure that all reviews are real and come from real clients.

Customizable Trust Badges

Easily copy and paste a trust badge onto your Webflow website. Your badge will keep up to date with your total review count.

Join the directory and start building your reputation.

Your public profile is a place to show everything you have to offer. Details about your agency, projects, and reviews.

Treat your public profile like your agency's resumé. It holds work you've done through projects and gives any buyer a list of references who happily would work with you again through verified reviews.

Grid of project cards

Showcase your projects.

Send us links to your best work and we'll create custom pages for each project.

Get project inquiries directly.

When a buyer decides to work with you, we make it as easy as possible to take action.

Start gathering social proof
that actually proves something.

Buyers are more skeptical now than they ever have been. Show them that others have enjoyed working with you and your team through detailed reviews handled by an unbiased, third-party service.